Theta Homes, LLC



About Us

We are Architects turned green home builder. We had been designing homes for over 20 years and sustainable energy efficient homes for almost 15 years. We started Theta Homes because we wanted to bring good design that caters to the lifestyle of modern living and energy efficiency directly to home owners.

We specialize in green home design and construction for discerning home buyers. We can build on your own lot or in one of our own. You are not limited to our designs only and can bring your own design (copyright free). We will take your design, customize it to your needs and/or the lot (if required), get it approved by your review board (if required), and then apply our green technology to give you the home you deserve.

We are passionate about giving you a better home.

We are EarthCraft certified Class A contractor, plus we are architects. So, you can be rest assured your home will be built with the highest standards of energy efficiency that will lower your utility bill, give you better indoor air quality, increase comfort, reduce home maintenance, and best of all, give you a higher resale value.